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3M Launches New Assembly Solutions Website

St. Paul, MN - Engineers accustomed to digging through websites, whitepapers and technical briefs for information about how to bond or attach construction products to one another now have a new resource in 3M's Assembly Solutions website.

3M Assembly Solutions represents a starting point for reviewing 3M’s many alternatives to mechanical fasteners, welds and rivets. An overview of common applications where adhesives and tapes can surpass more traditional assembly methods makes it easy to determine initial feasibility for the user's design and production needs. Additionally, the attributes of each technology is rated across a number of critical design characteristics so engineers can quickly determine which options to consider based on their unique design or process criteria.

By considering tapes and adhesives, designers and manufacturers can open the door to new possibilities with the materials that are selected and how products are assembled. Because tapes and adhesives can address multiple design challenges with a single product, it’s even possible to simplify a process, reduce cost and increase throughput.

One of the key features of the new 3M Assembly Solutions website is that it gives users the ability to connect with 3M experts to discuss  specific design and/or production challenges. These experts will help users identify the best solution, taking into account essential factors such as substrates, process, product life cycle, environmental impacts, value and more.

For more information or to visit the new Assembly Solutions website, visit

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