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Vulcraft/Verco Group Introduces Structural Ceiling Systems

Examples of the Cellular Ceiling/Roof Deck are shown above and below.

Charlotte, NC - Vulcraft/Verco Group, supplier of steel decking, introduces its newest product line: Structural Ceiling Systems. Ceiling panels are designed to provide an aesthetically-pleasing option for interiors that allow for the concealment of standard roofing components.

There are two types of systems available in the Structured Ceiling product line: DoveTail and Cellular.

Vulcraft/Verco’s Structural Ceiling Systems come in a variety of depth profiles with non-acoustical and acoustical options. Acoustical ceiling/deck is suitable for structures such as auditoriums, schools, cafeterias and theaters where sound control is a necessity.

Sound absorption is provided through inert, non-organic glass fiber sound absorbing batts that are placed in the panels. They are capable of absorbing up to 80 percent of the sound that strikes the ceiling.

Vulcraft/Verco DoveTail Ceiling/Roof Deck

Vulcraft/Verco’s DoveTail Deck supports multiple types of roofing materials. It combines structural and aesthetic design in one product, enhancing form and amplifying function because it’s both a ceiling and roof. The structural ceiling system creates a clean, modern look for applications including educational, entertainment, hospitality, office, retail, transportation and sports facilities.

The ribbed design of Vulcraft/Verco’s Structural DoveTail Ceiling/Roof Deck is suited for hanging a variety of components using TALON®, a ceiling hanging system. TALON hangers can be relocated and reused for signage, lighting, ducts, piping, mechanical and beyond.

Vulcraft/Verco DoveTail Ceiling/Roof Deck is available in the following depth profiles:

• 2.0D – 2 inches deep

• 2.0DA – 2 inches deep with acoustical

• 3.5D – 3.5 inches deep

• 3.5DA – 3.5 inches deep with acoustical

Vulcraft/Verco Cellular Ceiling/Roof Deck

Vulcraft/Verco’s Cellular Deck is a composite roof system with a finished interior ceiling and concealed fasteners. It combines functional, structural and aesthetic design and affordability in one product. Acting as both a ceiling and a roof, it offers a clean and uncluttered appearance for many different applications.

The Cellular Deck is available in the following depth profiles:

• 1.5BP – 1.5 inches deep

• 1.5BPA – 1.5 inches deep with acoustical

• 3NP – 3 inches deep

• 3NPA – 3 inches deep with acoustical

All Vulcraft products are G-90 galvanized as standard with available factory-applied prime coating.

About Vulcraft/Verco Decking

Vulcraft_logoAs an engineered products group of Nucor Corporation, Vulcraft produces joists, joist girders and steel deck. Verco Decking Inc. supplies corrugated steel roof and floor deck. For more information, visit or

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