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Steel Framing Industry Association Elects 2015 Board Of Directors

Falls Church, VA - The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) has elected new board of directors and officers for 2015-2016. SFIA voting members unanimously approved the slate of steel framing industry leaders selected by organization's nominating committee and approved by the prior year's board. The vote took place at the 2015 SFIA Annual Meeting held in Long Beach, CA.

Larry Williams

"The composition of this year's board of directors is a clear reflection of the SFIA's collaborative approach to fulfilling its mission to grow the market for cold-formed steel," said SFIA Executive Director Larry Williams. "In bringing together manufacturers, fabricators, suppliers, contractors and designers, the SFIA leadership is able to develop a common vision for the industry. This produced exceptional momentum for the SFIA in 2014 and into 2015, and will enable the industry to grow the market for cold-formed steel and also meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

The 2015 board members include:


President: William Courtney, ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Vice President: Eric Griswald, State Building Products

Treasurer: Matt Pfirman, JN Linrose

Secretary: Randy Daudet, P.E., S.E., Simpson Strong-tie Company


Scott Stuckert, Steel Structural Products (Representative - Small Manufacturer)

Chris Farrell, MRI Steel Framing (Representative - Small Manufacturer)

Al LaPlace, The Steel Network (Representative - Medium Manufacturer)

Scott Segal, MBA Building Supplies (Representative - Large Manufacturer)

Jeff Dushack, The Drake Group (Representative - Supplier)

Travis Vap, South Valley Drywall (Representative - Contractor)

Robert Wills, AISI / SMDI (Representative - Steel Mills)

"We congratulate not only the new board, but also SFIA members for selecting a board with the collective vision and expertise necessary to advance the use of cold-formed steel amid a recovering construction market in the year ahead," Williams said. “We look forward to working together to advance the common interests of all SFIA members in the coming year."

About The Steel Framing Industry Association

SFIA_logoThe Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) represents steel mills, coil coaters, processors, roll-formers, fabricators, engineers, material distributors and framing contractors. SFIA promotes cold-formed steel framing, advocates pro-industry codes and standards, conducts seminars and supports competitiveness through innovation. SFIA also provides statistical and trend data regarding steel usage and nonresidential construction. For more information, visit

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