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Roofinox Announces Expansion Plans For U.S. Market

Roofinox International, a European-based manufacturer of metal roofing materials, has announced plans to expand sales and distribution of three key products in the United States through its subsidiary, Roofinox America, Inc. Those products include Roofinox Classic, a brush-rolled material designed for roofing and wall cladding; Roofinox Plus .0157, a ribbed-surface material for smoother roofing results and economy; and Roofinox Terne-Coated, featuring a tin-plated surface that develops a matte grey patina finish over time.

Marc Metzler 

The announcement comes in response to the increasing demand for Roofinox products that followed the 2012 closure of the United States' only domestic manufacturer of terne-coated steel products.

Pascal Metzler

“From then on we supplied to various projects all over the United States, with increasing quantities every year,” notes Pascal Metzler, who with his brother, Marc, owns the 30-year-old company. “In 2014 we decided to move to the U.S. by opening an office and warehouse from where we could service the increasing demand,” he notes.

Roofinox markets and distributes its products in a number of European countries, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. And while Roofinox is currently examining business relations in many untapped markets, Metzler said the company's main efforts are now to grow market share in the United States.

Metzler said the technology for his company's products dates back to 1995 with the development of inoxidable (stainless) steel as a roofing material. The idea behind the product was to create a stainless steel specifically designed for roofing and roll forming. “We found two major features that made it ideal for the application: mechanical properties and surface design with an architecturally distinctive matte finish for roll formed roofing panels. The product features within these two areas differentiated Roofinox from other products in the roofing market, he contends, and the success of Roofinox Classic and Roofinox tin-plated led to the development of several more products available today.

Dave Rowe

Architectural demand for Roofinox as a natural metal is very high, notes Metzler. “Aging is no problem for Roofinox because the surface is all natural and typically does not change over time.” In addition, he notes that Roofinox products achieve superior results for LEED-related construction and the sustainability of building products. “More and more building owners are looking into long-lasting and environmentally friendly products,” he notes. And there’s the issue of durability.

“Increasing weather extremes require more durable solutions for roofing and Roofinox stainless steel is the best solution for these environments because it was originally developed for Switzerland and Austria in a region known for challenging weather conditions.”

The current goal is to develop nationwide relationships with metal fabricators and installers who need a reliable source for quality architectural grade stainless steel and tin-plated materials the company offers.

Roofinox materials offer growth potential to contractors who can now differentiate through specializing into more sophisticated work. “Some of the largest institutional building owners such as the armed forces, school and education authorities, hospitals, churches, etc. are specifying stainless steel for these reasons – it simply is the best roofing material that can be found today,” Metzler notes.

One of the brothers’ first steps toward expansion has been the recruitment of David Rowe, a 28-year veteran of the metal roofing and wall panel industry, who has been named Vice President-Sales of Roofinox America, Inc.

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