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Bird B Gone Announces New AIA Learning Course

Irvine, CA - Architects eager to learn about bird control and earn CEU credit can now enroll in an AECDaily online class offered by Bird B Gone, a leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. The class is presented by Bird B Gone’s Jeff Watts, who has worked with some of the largest architectural and construction firms across the globe.

Watts has helped create many bird-free buildings. His expertise in assessing potential bird problems and providing in-depth solutions for large planned projects has aided many architects and contractors from the design phase to installation. He has assisted many architects in specifying the best bird deterrent for their particular design, and has also helped with the installation of a variety of bird control products specified on a job.

Whether a project is commercial, civil, industrial or residential, today's smart architects are increasingly creating designs that address the problems of pest birds. Bird control measures are being integrated into the design phase of more structures so that they become an unobtrusive part of the design-build process. The goal is to achieve effective bird control using low-profile deterrents that are both humane and easy to install and maintain. "People are more sensitive to humane solutions," says Watts. "Poisons, chemicals or any other harmful methods are losing popularity and businesses are weary of receiving bad press."

Most experienced architects know the kinds of damage birds can create. The highly acidic nature of bird droppings can rapidly deface many areas of a building, turning a beautiful facade into an eyesore. Ornate work in stone, masonry, wood and metal can be “eaten away,” causing clients to complain and issue callbacks. Designs with solar panels can gradually be rendered ineffective as bird droppings can drastically reduce the efficiency of these panels. Bird droppings and nesting debris can also interfere with rooftop structures, like AC units, air turbines, skylights and rain guttering. "Not only can the droppings mar building surfaces, the build-up of nests and feces can clog drains and create fire hazards," notes Watts.

In designing a building, architects should consider consulting a bird control expert. A qualified bird control professional can review CAD details and add their expertise and experience in solving a particular pest bird problem. They can provide advice on devices and measures to use to deter birds from major roosting spots or nesting areas. Some bird control firms like Bird B Gone will even offer a customized solution to incorporate the least intrusive bird control measures into the designs. Ultimately, it’s the building owners and managers who gain the most from these efforts, as bird controls vastly reduce the damage and defacement of buildings so protected.

Architects interested in signing up for the Bird B Gone AECDaily class can do so by clicking the following link: AECDaily online class for Architects.

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