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Merchant & Evans To Offer Roofinox Metal Roofing Materials

Left to right in the photo is Dave Rowe, vice president of sales Roofinox America, Michael Baker, vice president of sales Merchant & Evans, and Tony Thompson, engineer manager at Merchant & Evans. The three are looking over product information for the line M&E will offer.  

Tinton Falls, NJ - Merchant & Evans, Inc., a Burlington, New Jersey-based manufacturer of premium metal roofing systems, and Roofinox America of Tinton Falls have announced a strategic alliance to provide the Roofinox line of stainless steel and tin-plated (terne-coated) metal roofing materials to Merchant & Evans customers in the United States and Canada.

Roofinox America is the U.S. arm of Roofinox International, the leading supplier of quality stainless steel specifically designed for roofing and roll-forming in Europe. Created in Europe 20 years ago, the Roofinox brand provides architects and contractors with a stainless steel roofing product with superior mechanical properties and a natural, aesthetic surface design ideal for architectural purposes. Roofinox is the only matt-rolled stainless steel brand on the international market including North America. The product was originally created for European regions where rough weather conditions put high demands on roofing materials. 

With the new partnership, Merchant & Evans will offer its customers the capability to produce its popular ZIP-RIB structural roofing profile with premier stainless steel and terne-coated materials.

“Our ZIP-RIB system offers the highest and longest performance of any structural or architectural standing seam metal roof system in the market today,” notes Michael Baker, vice president of sales at Merchant & Evans.  “We had long sought to align with a quality stainless steel manufacturer in the past but couldn’t find one with a full line of products and finishes suitable to our products’ level of quality. The Roofinox product allows us to take a premier material and make a superior product consistent with the quality of our ZIP-RIB profile.”

Baker noted the Roofinox material may also be offered for use in other Merchant & Evans lines including its ZIP-LOK standing seam systems, its Expression Wall Panel Series and other wall panel products.

“The alliance gives Merchant & Evans proven stainless steel roofing products it can confidently offer to customers throughout the country, knowing it will be easily embraced by contractors, architects and specifiers alike as a durable, corrosion resistant and visually appealing product that is easy to rollform,” notes Dave Rowe, sales vice president for Roofinox America.  “It also provides Merchant & Evans with the opportunity to provide a terne-coated material to its architectural network—something specifically absent from the marketplace for more than a year,” said Rowe, noting architects will particularly be happy with its availability for restoration and historic projects.

About Roofinox America Inc.

Roofinox-logoRoofinox America Inc. distributes stainless steel products for roofing, wall claddings, flashings, rainware, and interiors. To learn more, visit www.roofinox.

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