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Wood's Powr-Grip Video Demonstrates Handling Benefits Of Vacuum Lifters For Insulated Metal Panels

Woods-Powr-Grip-videoLaurel, MT - Wood's Powr-Grip, a leading manufacturer/supplier of vacuum lifting equipment, has produced a new video that shows how its MTCL Cladding Lifter can be used to rotate 500 lb. (225 kg) insulated metal panels (IMPs) safely and efficiently, while reducing labor.

The video, which has a run time of under 3 minutes, features commentary by Brookes Reierson of Apex Steel Montana, based in Billings. Reierson, a veteran of more than 10 years as a metal cladding installer, shows how his crews used the vacuum lifter to maneuver the IMPs for staging before they were lifted for installation on the roof of one of Wood's Powr-Grip's own facilities.

Reierson noted that the labor savings for the installation of this project alone would pay for the cost of purchasing the Wood's Powr-Grip MTCL Cladding Lifter, while providing added safety benefits for his crew.

To view the video, click here.

About Wood's Powr-Grip

Woods_PowrGrip_logoWood's Powr-Grip Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes tools and equipment that improve efficiency, enhance safety, and lower costs for the industries that it serves. The company offers a full line of hand-held vacuum cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and vacuum mounting cups that make material handling and equipment mounting easier. The products are used to lift, hold and position a variety of smooth, nonporous materials such as insulated metal panels, glass, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, solid surfacing, laminates, stone slabs and appliances. Powr-Grip products are individually tested before being shipped from the production facility, in order to ensure quality and promote safety for the user.

Wood's Powr-Grip's headquarters are located in Laurel, MT, and its vacuum cups and equipment products are distributed internationally in nearly 50 countries through an extensive network of dealers and distributors. For more information, visit

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