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Super Stud Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Donation To Homes For Our Troops

Homes-For-Our-TroopsLong Island, NY - Super Stud Building Products Inc. (SSBP), manufacturer of steel framing components and accessories, announces that they are celebrating their 40th Anniversary by supplying materials to Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) for construction of a single-family home for a Veteran in Manorville, Long Island, New York.

The nonprofit HFOT operates nationally to build specially adapted mortgage-free homes for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans. The Long Island home is currently under construction, with anticipated completion this fall.

Super-Stud-40-Years-logo“When we reached the milestone of our 40th Anniversary,” said Ray Frobosilo, President of SSBP headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, “the Super Stud family looked for something meaningful to mark the occasion. We made an offer to HFOT to supply them with a state-of-the-art category five structural system from our FROMAR Home System, used on commercial and upscale residential buildings.”

“It is very rewarding to watch this come together,” said Ron Chase, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SSBP. “You know, a home is just the beginning of veteran support. We hope that media buzz about the project will engage the local community in supporting our veterans long-term. Increased interest should help to initiate and accelerate accessibility projects in both public and private spaces.”

Don Allen, Director of Engineering at Super Stud, was impressed by HFOT’s prioritization of design with respect to the needs of the user. “The failing of much design for accommodation is that it often assumes a single user who needs all possible accommodations at one time. The reality is a variety of needs in a wide array of users, but a home needs specificity. This is what excites me about the HFOT mission and how that affects their project decisions: I love that this home we have helped build has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a special individual.”

Allen added, “From an engineering perspective, we are especially proud of the FROMAR Home System. It is one that we developed, tested, and used to build many homes in the gulf area prior to Katrina. After the devastation caused by the hurricane, there was no damage to the FROMAR Home Systems. We’ve gone on to help rebuild in that area with this same system.”

Frobosilo added, “We are happy and proud to celebrate our anniversary by being a part of HFOT’s mission of building homes and rebuilding lives. Many of the people on my team have put in extra time on top of their regular duties at work to make this project happen. Super Stud eagerly anticipates the day HFOT delivers the key to a completed home to the veteran for whom this house was designed.”

“We are pleased and proud to work with Super Stud to provide a fully accessible home to Marine Sergeant Luis Remache,” said HFOT’s Executive Director Bill Ivey.  “Their assistance and generosity have saved us resources that we can use to build a specially adapted, mortgage-free home for another deserving veteran.”

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