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Stainless From Roofinox Helps Bring New Pipe Flashing To Market

John Brenner, president of B-Tec Solutions (left) joins Dave Rowe, vice president of Roofinox America (right) in showing off one of the Ultimate Pipe Flashing units fabricated with Roofinox matte-finish stainless. 

Eatontown, NJ - Lifetime Tool® & Building Products of Winchester, Virginia will be sourcing material for  the stainless steel version of its Ultimate Pipe Flashing® from Roofinox America, the U.S. arm of Roofinox International, a supplier of quality stainless steel specifically designed for roofing and roll-forming in Europe.

Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC’s Ultimate Pipe Flashing® employs a break-through design with a proprietary sealing method for plumbing vent pipes and other roof penetrations. The “Ultimate” has undergone exhaustive ASTM, Dade County Florida and other testing. Results are posted on the company's website at

“Last year, we decided to expand our Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for use in coastal regions and marine environments. Tooling was designed and manufactured to begin production on a Stainless Steel UPF,” notes Roger Cline, founder of Lifetime Tool. “We had several critical issues in forming a commercial grade stainless into the required shape of the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®.

“We had to make certain that the material we chose would not tear, warp or undergo significant tool wear. We looked at several samples with the intent of finding a material that could perform in an aggressive marine environment,” recalls John Brenner, president of B-Tec Solutions in Croydon, Pennsylvania, the fabricator for the new stainless steel version."

“We met with Roger Cline of lifetime Tool® and John Brenner,” notes Dave Rowe, vice president at Roofinox America,  “and emphasized our  Roofinox product was available in a highly corrosion resistant 316L alloy, that we were 20% more malleable than most stainless on the market and that the Roofinox brush rolled surface made it unique with a matte finish.”

“After a trial run with material provided by Roofinox, these concerns were minimized and almost eliminated. Lifetime is now producing the Stainless Steel UPF using Roofinox material,” points out Brenner.

Roofinox America has been providing Roofinox Classic, Roofinox Plus .0157 and Roofinox tin-plated (terne-coated) material to American fabricators, roofing contractors and metal roofing distributors for more than two years.

About Roofinox America Inc.

Roofinox-logoRoofinox America Inc. distributes stainless steel products for roofing, wall claddings, flashings, rainware, and interiors. To learn more, visit www.roofinox.

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