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Knight's Rainscreen Attachment Systems Now Made With ZAM® Corrosion-Resistant Steel

Deer Park, WA - Knight Wall Systems announces that the company now fabricates its entire range of rain screen attachment systems using ZAM® corrosion-resistant steel.

“Using ZAM®-coated steel increases our rainscreen products’ lifespan nearly tenfold,” said company president Doug Knight. “Its performance is similar to stainless steel but at a lower cost, and offers enhanced protection to a rainscreen’s vulnerable spots, like rail perforations and fastener connections, or with open joint claddings.”

ZAM® is now used to fabricate Knight’s entire product range, including its CI™ System and HCI™ System continuous insulation rainscreens, and the adjustable MFI™ System mineral fiber rainscreen. ZAM® is designed to be long lasting in severe environments, providing built-in cut edge rust protection, and promoting cost savings through less maintenance.

ZAM® is a registered trademark of Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd. and is a coined name applied to the hot-dipped zinc-aluminum-magnesium-alloy-coated steel sheets developed by Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd.

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