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New Snowguard Installation Animations Available From Alpine SnowGuards®

Morrisville, VT - Alpine SnowGuards®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of a variety of types of snowguards for metal roofs and other roof systems, has introduced two new animations that illustrate how their SnowMax and PP145 products are installed.


alpine-snowmax-animation-2Fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum, SnowMax is described by Alpine as the strongest snow management system on the market. It is also cost-effective because bracket spacing can now be increased up to 48” on center. Configurations are available for standing seam, corrugated, and membrane roofing, and all three models accept a color insert strip, offering the option of matching the color of the roofing material. A solar snow management solution, Solar SnowMax, is also available.

To view the SnowMax install animation, visit

To view SnowMax product information, visit


alpine-pp145-animation-1The PP145 two-or-three pipe snow management system utilizes the same patented, watertight compression technology as the line of solar roof mounts manufactured by Alpine's sister company, EcoFasten Solar - it's a solution that's so simple that it's called Simple Seal. Simple Seal is an EPDM rubber bushing specifically designed to fit inside the milled counter-sinks on the underside of the PP145 bracket.

Measuring 6” long x 4” wide at the base, the PP145 bracket is available in three configurations: 2-Pipe, 3-Pipe, and 2 Hi-Pipe. All three options accept 1” OD pipe and are compatible with the use of ice flags. The brackets attach directly to the roof deck.

To view the PP145 install animation, visit

To view PP145 product information, visit

About Alpine SnowGuards®

Alpine SnowGuards offers a wide variety of snow management systems including pad-style, pipe-style, and fence-style snow guards, as well as a line of frame-mounted snow management systems for use on solar PV arrays. Alpine has a solution for all roof types, new or retrofit.

All of Alpine’s products are precision-engineered to prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. The company notes that it is especially important to install them above: entryways, walkways, and gathering spots; parking lots and drive-through areas; expensive landscaping; ground mounted mechanicals; lower roofs, valleys and crickets; and gutters and roof protrusions, such as plumbing vents. Alpine has a real-world snow guard test facility at its headquarters in Vermont that includes metal roofing - for testing updates, check out Alpine's blog. For more information, visit

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