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EcoFasten Solar® Releases Install Animations For Rooftop Solar Attachment

Morrisville, VT - EcoFasten Solar®, supplier of solar roof mounts and components for metal roofs and other roof types, has introduced four animations that show how their Rock-It System, SimpleGrip, GreenFasten and Tile Flashing System are installed.

Rock-It System

ecofasten-solar-rock-itThe rail-free Rock-It System conforms to UL Subject 2703 and holds a Class A Fire Resistance Rating when using Type 1, listed PV modules. The system features North-South adjustability, and the unique top-down leveling allows the installer the freedom to level as they go, as well as after the array is installed.

One tool (1/2” socket) is all that’s needed to install any size or orientation array, and integrated electric bonding and a built-in wire management tray are designed to make the Rock-It System a fast, easy, and hassle-free mounting solution.

To view the Rock-It System install animation, visit

To view Rock-It System product information, visit


ecofasten-solar-simplegripSimpleGrip was engineered specifically for use on new or existing low-slope or flat roofs. The SimpleGrip System is compatible with a wide variety of attachment bracket options, providing a customized solution for most low slope roof applications. The lightweight, durable construction enhances wind uplift and seismic values without adding additional weight.

To view the SimpleGrip install animation, visit

To view SimpleGrip product information, visit


ecofasten-solar-greenfastenUtilizing a single fastener, backed by IAPMO certification and a straight-forward design, GreenFasten is used for installation on composition shingle roofs. The patented, watertight compression technology maintains the integrity of the roof without voiding roofing manufacturer warranties.

To view the GreenFasten install animation, visit

To view GreenFasten product information, visit

Tile Flashing System

ecofasten-solar-tile-flashingBacked by IAPMO, the Tile Flashing System is available in three profile options for Flat, W and S tile roofs. Each innovative flashing system replaces one complete tile, eliminating the need for cutting, drilling, grinding or replacing of tiles. Multiple fastener points in the system’s base plate allow for attachment into the rafter, regardless of flashing alignment.

The embossed cone-shape stamped into the underside of the flashing is fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing, creating a watertight seal when paired with a compatible compression bracket. The system attaches to the roof deck with as little as two lag bolts, resulting in a quick and easy installation. The system has been 3rd party tested for pullout and shear.

To view the Tile Flashing System install animation, visit

To view Tile Flashing System product information, visit

About EcoFasten Solar®

EcoFasten-Solar-logoEcoFasten Solar® offers solar roof mounts and components. For more information, visit

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