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Varco Pruden Expands Product Line With Web-Restrained Brace

Varco-Pruden-Web-Restrained-Brace-1Memphis, TN - Varco Pruden Buildings recently introduced its Web-Restrained Brace (WRB) – an all-steel buckling-restrained brace for projects in earthquake prone regions. Developed due to code changes that increased seismic design requirements and created new limitations, WRB provides VP Builders an economical solution for these challenging jobs.

Primarily for jobs where seismic forces govern design, WRB is an all-steel buckling-restrained brace which has equal strength under tension and compression loading. It is intended for wall bracing in diagonal or chevron configurations. WRB can provide an economical solution for jobs that exceed certain height limits, roof weight limits, or include mezzanines. WRB can reduce the number of bays of wall bracing, as well as the size and quantity of required roof bracing. The end result is a lighter building with fewer members to erect. As an added benefit, the reduced building loading causes proportionally smaller foundation forces; thus, measurable savings in materials may be possible.

Varco-Pruden-Web-Restrained-Brace-2Additionally, WRB may offer a cost-effective alternative on larger projects where seismic forces govern bracing design, even in medium-to-lower seismicity regions. When this happens, VP has traditionally added more roof bracing members and applicable wall bracing to resist this load. The new seismic brace will allow buildings to meet strict code requirements with reduced roof and wall bracing quantities and sizes.

Web-Restrained Brace is a tested and prequalified product according to the latest North American steel standards (AISC 341-10). It is a new product option that meets current code requirements and allows VP to provide a lower cost alternative to its Builders and customers.

By utilizing Varco Pruden’s latest product option, Web-Restrained Brace, it was noted that VP Builders have a significant proprietary advantage on projects in higher seismic areas that have two stories or have significant roof dead and collateral loads.

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