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Flex-Ability Concepts Names Architectural Scholarship Winner

Christopher Van Lê (left) with Frank Wheeler, an owner of Flex-Ability Concepts.

Oklahoma City, OK - Christopher Van Lê, a graduate student in the College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, is the recipient of a $2,000 scholarship from Flex-Ability Concepts, a pioneer in the development of flexible framing products.

Flex-Ability Concepts began the scholarship program with the University Of Oklahoma 15 years ago to support the local community and educate architecture students about the company’s curved metal framing products and accessories.

"None of us would be where we are today without some sort of assistance from others," explained Frank Wheeler, an owner of Flex-Ability Concepts. "We as a company believe we should pay generosity forward to our community while positively impacting the design and construction market. Architecture students are eager to learn more about our industry’s products if we give them the opportunity."

University representatives selected Lê among other graduate architecture students. Applicants were asked to write a personal statement to enter. When Lê learned of the scholarship, he already was familiar with the company and its products. Lê first discovered Flex-Ability Concepts through his research for easily installed building systems while in Zambia in May 2015. He traveled to Zambia with the university to study the area’s schools and create a best-practices report for school leaders. The architecture students designed a school prototype, as well, with Flex-Ability Concepts’ Flex-C Trac because it is simple to install.

"Flex-C Trac is a way to quickly lay down curved walls, and it doesn't require a high skillset, which is hard to come by in the working class of Zambia," Lê explained. "Flex-Ability Concepts' track was seen as an effective product that could be used in Zambia.” Lê hopes to return to Zambia with the university in June 2016, and he looks forward to learning more about international design concepts. Flex-Ability Concepts ships internationally but has not shipped to Zambia to date.

Lê was drawn to apply for the scholarship because he appreciates Flex-Ability Concepts not only for its products but also for its company culture and reputation. "Ultimately, Flex-Ability Concepts' desire to offer a scholarship and help students with their education represents the same desire I have to continue to help Zambia's students with their education," Lê said. "These days, with so many options for products on the market, one of the distinguishing deciding factors is integrity of the company and intent."

Lê received a BS in environmental design from OU in 2013. He has a unique background because he also is drawn to the restaurant industry and is an entrepreneur, opening Coriander Café, Norman, in fall 2010. Lê recently realized that in order to fully achieve his goals as both an entrepreneur and designer, he needed to return to school to obtain a master’s degree in architecture. He commented, "Taking what I have learned through the restaurant industry, I think it's extremely important for a market to lure, nurture and help local businesses flourish. Understanding both the planning and the small-business sides of that, I hope to propose and plan buildings and community planning to attract those businesses; support those businesses; and, in turn, create a better, richer community, market and city."

About Flex-Ability Concepts

Flex Ability Concepts logoFlex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible framing products. Patented Flex-C Trac can be curved by hand on the jobsite and is the brand by which all others are measured. Flex-Ability Concepts has continued to add new sizes and gauges to its Flex-C Trac product offering. Other products include Flex-C Angle; Flex-C Arch; Flex-C Header; Quick Qurve Plate; and Three Legged Dog, a complete line of deflection clips. For more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential applications, call (866) 443-3539 or visit

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