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Triangle Fastener Unveils 5/16"-Diameter BLAZER® Drill Screw

Triangle-5-16-BLAZERPittsburgh, PA - John Puhr, industry veteran and Pittsburgh Branch Manager, Triangle Fastener Corporation for over 35 years, has announced the 5/16"-diameter BLAZER 3 as the newest addition to the company's BLAZER Drill Screw line.

“Quick…what is the largest diameter self-drilling screw readily available from stock? If you said a 1/4", you would be correct until recently," says Puhr, alluding to the introduction of the company's new 5/16"-diameter version.

The 5/16"-diameter BLAZER® 3 self-drilling screw is available in six lengths ranging from 1” to 8”. It will drill and tap metal thicknesses up to .210” and has a 3/8” HWH that allows for the use of existing tools and equipment for installation. All parts are TRISEAL® coated and offer 1,000 hours salt spray protection from corrosion when tested according to ASTM B117. BLAZER® 3 screws are available with or without galvanized bonded EPDM sealing washers.

“Consider the 5/16 diameter BLAZER® 3 drill screw when your next project calls for increased shear or diaphragm requirements," Puhr suggests. "It offers an additional 460 lbs. of shear strength over a 1/4"-diameter self-drilling screw. It also is a great 'goof screw' when replacing a 1/4"-diameter screw in a maintenance or retrofit situation.”

Samples and additional information about the new 5/16"-diameter BLAZER are available by contacting TFC toll free at 800-486-1832.

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Triangle Fastener Corporation, a member of SFS, has 24 locations servicing the commercial construction markets since 1977. They provide a full line of high-performance fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools used to construct the building envelope, along with interior applications like steel framing and sheet metal. To learn more visit

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