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MORIN Introduces New Symmetrical Roof Panel Series

MORIN's new SymmeTry panels are symmetrical in design and are joined via a mechanically seamed cap. The cap features two continuous beads of butyl sealant inside, which ensures the panel system's watertightness.

Bristol, CT – To meet the demands of today's most stringent codes, Morin, A Kingspan Group Company, has introduced the new SymmeTry Roof Series, a mechanically seamed structural roof system that is both symmetrical and hydrostatic by design.

Unlike traditional metal roof systems, which feature asymmetrical panels that install sequentially, with the leading edge of one panel lapping over the trailing edge of the panel before it, MORIN's new SymmeTry Roof Series incorporates symmetrically formed panels that install side by side and are then joined via a mechanically seamed “cap”. Inside the cap are two continuous beads of butyl sealant that help make the system watertight, even under hydrostatic conditions. Because the panels—which are available with vertical legs ranging in height from 1-1/2" to 3"—are symmetrical, they can be installed left to right or right to left, beginning literally anywhere on the roof.

In the event a SymmeTry panel needs to be replaced due to damage, changes to the roof design or simply to accommodate new equipment being placed on the roof, the process is relatively simple and accomplished by removing the caps of only those panels that need to be eliminated or replaced. The same repairs or changes to a system utilizing asymmetrical panels would sometimes require the removal of every original panel installed after the affected panel or panels.

SymmeTry panels can be formed at the jobsite in lengths to 300', which in most cases eliminates the need for end-to-end panel splices, thereby greatly reducing the potential for leaks initially and in the future. To ensure even the longest-length SymmeTry panels are able to cope with the forces of thermal expansion and contraction, MORIN has designed the new symmetrical panels to slide over the roof clips, rather than affixing the panels to the clips since in the latter case, the roof can't move as needed if the expansion/contraction demands exceed the clip's range of movement.

MORIN is touting the SymmeTry Roof Series as the ideal roof for projects with complex geometry because it's an easier system to install. That makes it a great choice for existing roofs that need to be recovered too. The space between the existing roof and the new symmetrical panels can be filled with insulation, increasing the R-value of the overall roof assembly. The roof also offers energy savings through its ability to lower the overall temperature of the roof envelope. This is due to the 3/8" offset design of the symmetrical roof system's attachment clips.

MORIN's new roof system has undergone or is undergoing a wide variety of tests that will allow for its installation anywhere, including in locales where the strictest wind uplift codes and wind driven rain requirements are in place. MORIN’s taller panels (2-1/2- and 3-inch legs) will meet requirements to be installed at very low slopes. It will meet ASTM E-1680 air infiltration, ASTM E-1646 water infiltration and ASTM E-2140 static water pressure requirements, which means the panel can be flooded and it won’t leak.

The SymmeTry Roof Series system is undergoing (and expected to meet the requirements of):

–ASTM E-1592 Uplift Test
–UL 580 and UL 1897 Wind Uplift Test
–UL Class A Fire Rating
–UL Class 4 Impact Resistance
–FM 4471 Open Framing Uplift Test
–FM 4471 Over Metal Deck Uplift Test
–ASTM E-1680 Air Infiltration Test
–ASTM E-1646 Water Infiltration Test
–ASTM E-2140 Static Water Pressure
–FM Class 1-SH Impact Resistance Test
–Florida Products Approval
–Texas Windstorm

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