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AppliCad Announces Enhanced Bureau Services

AppliCad-panel-layoutJupiter, FL – AppliCad USA has added panel and trim cutting lists to the reports available to Roof Wizard customers through the AppliCad Service Bureau.

AppliCad's Service Bureau provides fully dimensioned roof plans originating from an architect's PDF, an aerial image or a field sketch. From that initial information, the Service Bureau generates a fully dimensioned roof plan, a panel placement drawing, and cutting details for panels and trim. The Bureau will assemble the information in a report organized according to customer preferences and using the customer's provided logo.  Turnaround time is less than 48 hours.

The Service Bureau solution is ideal for Roof Wizard customers lacking either the time or experience to output the files themselves. Rendered files are delivered ready for import into the customer's Roof Wizard software, where the customer can then apply their own materials and labor rates before extracting a an accurate, professionally prepared client proposal.

About AppliCad

AppliCad USA Inc. is a specialty CAD applications software development company focused on the needs of the roofing, cladding and solar industries. To learn more,visit

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