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Pre-Cut Steel Soffit Introduced By American Building Components

abc-pre-cut-soffitNicholasville, KY - American Building Components announces pre-cut steel soffit as a new addition to its line of metal roofing products.

Soffit is an integral part of any roofing system and not just to conceal trusses or framing. In addition to improving overall building appearance, soffit provides protection from damaging weather elements, prevents mold and rotting beams and provides an avenue for attic ventilation. Unlike traditional soffit panels, which are cut to size on site, pre-cut soffit achieves all of the aforementioned benefits with reduced contractor labor expenses and increased efficiency.

American Building Components’ pre-cut soffit is rollformed from 29 gauge steel - making it durable over time - with a “V” groove every six inches, cut to 11 ¾” and 23 ¾” lengths. Perforated panels are also available to allow under-eave ventilation and increased air flow capacity.

To learn more about ABC’s pre-cut soffit product, visit

About American Building Components

American-Building-Components-logoAmerican Building Components (ABC) manufactures metal roofing and wall panels. For more information, visit

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