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Vulcraft/Verco Group Announces Add-In For NuBIM To Increase Joist And Deck Specifying Efficiency

Norfolk, NE - Vulcraft/Verco Group announces NuBIM® Add-In for Revit® 2016. The add-in is a proprietary, custom-built tool to help streamline joist configuration in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The add-in is now available for download through the Vulcraft website. An improved NuBIM Add-In for Revit 2015 is also being introduced.

These new versions include improved joist and deck families with added functionality and an improved user interface to aid specifying Vulcraft/Verco Group’s Joists and Deck to LOD 300 for model sharing, and to improve contract drawing accuracy.

“At Nucor’s Vulcraft/Verco Group it is our goal to provide high quality at a low cost,” said Scott Russell, Vulcraft/Verco Group’s New Products & Market Development Manager. “With the NuBIM Add-In for Revit we can continue to deliver on this commitment and help our customers gain efficiencies and better accuracy within their joist and deck specification processes.”

The BIM process is made more efficient with this tool because it enables users to specify standard joists and joist girder types in the design stage utilizing only the joists needed for the model. Additionally, the add-in includes composite joists, Ecospan® joists and a number of popular special profile joists. The ability to add loading to joists has also been improved, and joist load tables can be placed on drawings like any other standard Revit schedule, to increase efficiency of creating accurate drawings. The new joist families now show conceptual web layouts when the detail level is set to fine, and include seats that will automatically adjust with the slope of the joist. These features combine to keep drawings in sync with the model.

Vulcraft/Verco deck profiles, including Vulcraft’s new Dovetail Deck, are also available through the NuBIM Add-In to be specified as part of a Revit floor or roof system.

Learn more information and download the NuBIM for Revit Add-In at

About Vulcraft/Verco Decking

Vulcraft_logoAs an engineered products group of Nucor Corporation, Vulcraft produces joists, joist girders and steel deck. Verco Decking Inc. supplies corrugated steel roof and floor deck. For more information, visit or

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