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Simpson Strong-Tie Offers New Steel Decking Screw And New Quik Drive® System

simpson-decking-screwPleasanton, CA - Simpson Strong-Tie, supplier of structural connectors, has expanded its line of steel decking products to include the Strong-Drive® XM Medium-Head Metal screw and the Quik Drive® PROSDX150 Steel-Decking auto-feed screw driving system.

The Strong-Drive XM Medium-Head Metal screw is specially engineered for interlocking steel deck applications. The XM Medium-Head Metal screw, which features a ½" washer head, is designed for narrow flutes commonly found on interlocking decks.

“We designed this washer head so that it would easily fit different profiles, and at the same time, offer higher performance than standard screws and be a comparable replacement for pins and welds,” said Ed Sutt, Vice President of Fastening Systems. “A key benefit to using this XM screw is it eliminates the need for special certifications, licensing or inspections, which reduces costs.”

Features of the Strong-Drive XM Medium-Head Metal screw include:

• 5⁄16" hex drive

• 1⁄2"diameter hex washer head for narrow-channel steel decking

• Available only in 1 ¼” length with #5 drill point

• Available in Quik Guard® coating to provide additional corrosion resistance

The XM Medium-Head Metal screw can be hand driven or used with the Quik Drive PROSDX150, a multipurpose, auto-feed screw driving system designed for interlocking steel decking and for side-lap stitching. The PROSDX150 can be loaded with Strong-Drive XM Medium-Head metal screws for interlocking steel deck applications or with Self-Drilling X Metal screws for side-lap stitching or cold-formed steel framing.

Features of the Quik Drive PROSDX150 Steel-Decking System include:

• Precision Placement™ nosepiece for accurate driving

• One system for fastening steel decking to structural members and for steel stitching

• Designed for both the Strong-Drive XM Medium-Head Metal screw and the Self-Drilling X Metal screw

The PROSDX150 System comes with a PROSDX150 Steel-Decking Attachment, and extension that allows stand-up installations, a screwdriver motor and a screw quiver.

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