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Kynar Aquatec® CRX-Based Coatings Meet AAMA 2605 Standards

King Of Prussia, PA - Arkema, a supplier of chemical technologies for high-performance protective coatings, announces that its Kynar Aquatec® CRX latex surpassed the requirements of the AAMA 2605 performance standard, which included G85 corrosion testing for architectural metal applications and ISO 20340:2009 testing requirements for marine structures.

Kynar Aquatec® CRX latex is a waterborne polymer dispersion for formulating highly durable waterborne, air-dry paints and coatings with VOC levels below 100 grams/liter. This technology is designed for high-performance applications where outstanding weather resistance is required (particularly color fade and chalk resistance), along with a high level of scratch resistance and resistance to organic solvents.

AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) standards help architects, contractors and building owners specify coatings that provide a superior level of performance in exterior weatherability and general appearance over many years. AAMA 2605 - the highest standard for coatings on aluminum extrusions and panels - requires rigorous performance evaluations, including new ASTM G85 corrosion testing, to validate a coating’s outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss and chemicals. By surpassing the testing requirements to meet the ISO 20340:2009 standard, Kynar Aquatec® CRX-based coatings demonstrate the performance necessary to protect offshore and related marine structures from the severe corrosion stresses to which they are exposed.

“Achieving long-term coating service life is imperative for exterior architectural products and marine structures,” said James Feorino, global market manager for Arkema’s Fluoropolymers Division. “With multifunctional Kynar Aquatec® CRX latex - the first aqueous 2K system to achieve AAMA 615 and AAMA 625 performance for fiberglass and vinyl substrates - customers are assured of the outstanding weathering and abrasion-resistance properties of Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coatings for metal applications in a completely waterborne presentation.”

To learn more about the weathering, abrasion resistance and other performance-enhancing benefits offered by new Kynar Aquatec® CRX latex, visit the Arkema booth (#1031) at the 2016 American Coatings Show, which is being held April 12–15, 2016, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

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