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Samco Machinery Offers Hands-Free, Multi-Product Roll Forming Lines

samco-hands-free-multi-product-1Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Samco Machinery continues to change the way people think about roll forming with the introduction of the Hands-Free Multi-Product Roll Forming Line, a high-performance line engineered for the specific needs of customers producing multiple profiles.

“For customers looking for a specific solution, we’re an engineering company manufacturing roll forming and material handling equipment,” said Bob Repovs, CEO at Samco Machinery in Toronto. “Customers aren’t looking for a cookie cutter roll former; they’re looking for innovative and efficient machines that roll form better products for their specific market. They demand a roll former that allows them to manufacture higher quality products more efficiently and at higher rates of speed."

Samco Machinery’s latest innovative roll forming line is designed to produce products for “Just-in-Time” production. This machine has the ability to perform at variable speeds up to 60 feet per minute, depending on the punching pattern and part lengths. Very much a “hands-free” machine, the entire process is automated from the moment coil leaves the uncoiler until finished product exits the cut-off.

samco-hands-free-multi-product-2Features include:

• 10K double ended uncoiler with hydraulic mandrel expansion

• Universal Bottom Driven Roll Former with side-by-side tooling for “Just-in-Time” production

• Auto Pre-Punch/Notch Press Selection System with guiding system and AMS controller as required by “Just-in-Time” production

• Closed Loop Length Control Systems to maintain sufficient coil stock in the line

• Stop-and-Go Cut-Off Hydraulic Press mounted on the roll former base includes three sets of cut-off dies with auto-die change system

• Sweep unit with adjustable sweep with roller straightener dedicated for specific profile(s)

• Just two feet of prevailing scrap on both leading and trailing ends of coil

For more on the Hands-Free, Multi-Product Roll Forming line, visit the Samco Machinery product page at:

To watch the machine in action:

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