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Daylighting For Metal Roofs Is Topic Of New MBCI White Paper

Houston, TX - In the age of increased energy efficiency requirements and attention to occupant wellness, designers, contractors and building owners often find themselves spending time and resources squeezing performance out of systems with relatively little gain. MBCI’s new white paper, Shining Light on Daylighting with Metal Roofs, showcases the strong rates of return of using integrated daylighting systems with novel prismatic optics and high-efficiency lighting on metal envelopes with good thermal and barrier performance.

The white paper covers new research that provides evidence of the global payback – reduced greenhouse-gas emission and carbon footprint, for example – as well as valuable social benefits, such as improved perceived quality of the indoor environment (IEQ) and enhanced health and wellness, achieved from using integrated daylighting systems. It also presents research that daylighting increases productivity in business settings, boosts student performance in schools and enhances patient recovery in hospitals.

To download a copy of Shining Light on Daylighting with Metal Roofs, click here.

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