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Beckers Group Releases New Sustainability Report

beckers-sustainability-report-2015Berlin, Germany - Beckers Group, a global coatings company, has issued its new Sustainability Report. This is the group’s fourth report, the first time addressing the GRI 4 reporting level and the respective stakeholder dialogue. As in previous years, it informs about the company’s highlights, product and process developments, global goals as well as local initiatives.

Also included in the report is a review of the group’s vision strategy and the development of a dedicated 2022 Beckers Sustainability Roadmap.

A series of personal interviews illustrate how Beckers’ sustainability idea and practice have been traveling across regions and functions and throughout all levels of the organization in the last years.

It details some of the company’s social responsibility projects as well as how Beckers adheres to standards of transparent and ethical governance.

“Our commitment to sustainability is as strong as ever. At Beckers, we have always viewed sustainability not only as an imperative for our business, serving our customers’ needs, but also considered it as one key element driving Beckers people and our culture,” stated Dr. Boris Gorella, CEO, Beckers Group.

The report fulfills the requirements of GRI 4, the Global Reporting Initiative.

Some highlights from the report:

• Updating Beckers’ Code of Conduct

• Beckers' New Product Sustainability Index tool

• Beckers' first of its kind GRI 4 materiality analysis

• Supporting education opportunities around the globe

• A range of new renewable based products

The report also allows Beckers to review its sustainability initiatives and actions taken during 2015. The company’s efforts have already led to numerous tangible improvements versus 2014:

• Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) have been further reduced by 10%

• Greenhouse gas emissions could be stabilized at the same level

• Waste generated was again reduced by more than 10%

The report can be viewed or downloaded from Beckers Group´s website at

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