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Slide-Clip Connector Introduced For Attaching Framing Anchors To Concrete And Steel

simpson-schaPleasanton, CA - Simpson Strong-Tie, a supplier of engineered structural connectors, now offers a slide-clip connector designed to provide an easier way to attach bypass framing anchors to concrete and steel. The Simpson Strong-Tie® SCHA slide-clip connector can be used for panelized or stick-frame construction where cold-formed steel bypass framing anchors to the top of a floor slab or the bottom flange of a steel beam.

The SCHA slide-clip connector comes with pre-punched holes for ¼"-diameter Titen HD® concrete screw anchors or 0.157" PDPAT pins, eliminating the need for pre-drilling and helping to ensure accurate anchor placement. The connector was developed and tested to accommodate different methods of anchoring concrete and steel.

Other key features of the SCHA slide-clip connector include:

• Flexible design allows either face of anchorage leg to be used against support.

• Connector provides a full 1" of upward and downward movement.

• Can be used with 3-⅝", 4", 6" and 8" studs.

• Tabulated design values for anchorage help mitigate risk and provide ease of specification.

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