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Lester Building Systems Introduces New Roof Panel

Lester-EclipseLester Prairie, MN – Lester Building Systems recently announced the launch of its patented Eclipse Roof System™ (U.S. Patent No. 9,127,451 BI). The Eclipse Roof System, according to the company, combines the structural integrity, efficiency and ease of installation of a through-fastened roof with the sleek appearance and leak-free performance of a standing seam roof.  

Paul Boor, VP of Engineering at Lester Building Systems, spearheaded the new panel's development, seeking to combine the best benefits of both panel types. He says the new panel is visually striking, with "classic, clean, bold lines and weather tightness that is unrivalled by any through-fastened panel. And, best of all," he adds, "it comes at a fraction of the price of a standing seam roof panel.”

At 36” wide, the Eclipse panel is wider than most standing seam panels, which speeds comparative installation time. The 26 gauge Eclipse panel can be installed over open purlins. 

About Lester Building Systems

Lester-Buildings-logoLester Buildings is a manufacturer and builder of pre-engineered, post-frame building systems for farm, livestock, equine, hobby, and commercial purposes. To learn more, visit

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