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Butler Introduces TBS™ Insulation System For Metal Roofing

butler-tbs-insulationKansas City, MO - As energy codes become more stringent and energy costs continue to fluctuate, it’s important to have an insulation system that will help reduce building heating and cooling costs. The TBS™ insulation system, exclusively from Butler Manufacturing™ for its MR-24® Roof System, provides thermal performance options with U-factors from 0.035 to 0.029, or effective R-values in the range of R28.5 to R34.4, proved as tested in the accredited Butler® Guarded Hot Box.

The TBS insulation system provides blanket insulation to meet stringent U-factors required by stricter energy codes. “The TBS insulation system ensures that customers can meet changing energy code requirements, reduce energy costs through better insulation and take advantage of our total cost of ownership approach to building,” said Harry Yeatman, vice president of sales of Butler Manufacturing. “All these things are achieved while providing an improved appearance that fundamentally changes the way customers look at insulation.”

The new 4’ channel and bracket system keeps the entire system above the purlin, designed to make it a noticeably quicker and simpler installation process. Because it is installed above the purlin with no support banding, the TBS insulation system does not interfere with purlin bracing or framing members. This allows the faced insulation to drape naturally, improving the aesthetic appearance inside the building from below.

The TBS insulation system is installed easily with either a Z purlin or a Truss PurlinXT factory pre-assembled and punched channel from Butler Manufacturing. In addition, a bracket member ensures modularity and allows for roof movement with the MR-24 roof system. The above-the-purlin installation ensures roof structurals are accessible and eliminates the need to puncture the vapor retarder to attach flange braces, ceiling, lighting, conduit or sprinklers.

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