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Web-Based Alucobond® ACM Custom-Color Request Program Introduced

alucobond-custom-color-program-logoDavidson, NC - 3A Composites announces the introduction of a new web-based custom-color request program for Alucobond® aluminum composite material (ACM). This new program – which is accessed via the website – is designed to make it easier to request Alucobond samples in custom colors and to track sample production progress.

“3A Composites USA is well-known for its dedicated Alucobond custom color-matching program,” said Ben Branham, marketing manager, 3A Composites USA. “Our team members take great pride in matching the exact custom colors requested by architects and fabricators to achieve their innovative building designs with unique, modern cladding and often manage the production of multiple Alucobond color samples to do so. This new program has streamlined our management of the custom-color sample process and improved internal communication about sample requests, which will result in an enhanced experience for our customers.

“Additionally, by providing access to the Alucobond custom-color sample process via a web-based program – the first of its kind in the industry – our customers will now enjoy a transparent portal into the progress of sample requests that is easily accessed day or night.”

To utilize the Alucobond web-based custom-color request program, customers create an account on the website. Following account creation, customers should click on “My Account” and then on “Custom Color Request.” The “Custom Color Match Request” web page will request several project specifications and then allow the customer to request a color match – including gloss level, surface finish, type of paint and coats – by uploading an image, providing a PMS number or by sending a physical sample to 3A Composites USA.

Once the request is submitted online, the requestor will receive an email confirmation from a dedicated Alucobond salesperson, who will work collaboratively with Alucobond quality control team members to meet customer needs throughout the sample production process. Architects and fabricators will be able to track the progress of their custom-color sample requests by logging into “My Account” and clicking on “Account History.” Requestors also will be contacted by 3A Composites USA via email throughout this process.

This new web-based Alucobond custom-color request program is designed for easy access from both personal computers and mobile devices.

“We at 3A Composites USA look forward to continuing to meet the needs of architects and fabricators as they create memorable building designs by providing nearly unlimited color options available through the Alucobond custom color-request program,” said Branham. “We’re excited to provide our customers with enhanced transparency into the custom-color sample request and production process via this new web-based program.”

For more information about 3A Composites’ new web-based Alucobond custom- color request program, visit and create an account. To communicate directly with an Alucobond salesperson about this new program, click on “Ask a Question” within “My Account” and submit your query or call 1-800-626-3365.

® Alucobond is a registered trademark of 3A Composites USA.

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