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Cambridge Architectural Introduces New Mesh Patterns

Cambridge-TailorCambridge, MD – Creating new opportunities to use metal mesh for interior design, Cambridge Architectural has introduced Tailor and Silk to its portfolio of patterns. From wall cladding to interior accents such as columns, reception desks and bar bases, the new flexible, closed-weaved patterns offer endless opportunities to dress spaces with an enduring elegance.

Hand-crafted by skilled weavers in the United States who understand that beauty and quality are central to the transformation of any space, Cambridge’s new metal fabrics are a work of art designed to provide beautiful and durable design solutions.

“With Tailor and Silk, we are creating new choices for architects and interior designers; especially those working on high-profile interior spaces in office headquarters, condominiums, retail environments, restaurants and hotels,” said David Zeitlin, Cambridge’s National Sales Manager. “These are finely woven patterns with little open area that can provide a sophisticated accent to any highly visible space. They are finer and lighter than other Cambridge interior patterns, yet they still offer the incredible durability of metal mesh.”

Available in stainless steel or brass (Tailor only), the two mesh patterns are brilliantly reflective, texturized and durable and provide longevity for high-trafficked areas, particularly those prone to denting, scratching or marring. In addition, Tailor can be finished in lacquered brass.

The patterns can be attached using industrial tape or medium-density fibreboard panels (MDF) with Z clips. For some applications, Cambridge’s Scroll or Eclipse attachment systems can be used to grip the metal and stretch it intension. These systems keep the focus on the mesh by concealing the bracket that attaches to the structural support.

Silk Specifications
Open Area: 5%
Weight in Stainless Steel: 1.93 lbs/SF or 9.42 kg/m2
Thickness:  .097” or 2.5 mm
Max Width:  60” or 1.52 meters
Max Length:  100’ or 30.48 meters
Width Tolerance:  +/- .125” or +/- 3 mm
Length Tolerance:  +/- .125” or +/- 3 mm

Tailor Specifications
Open Area:  1%
Weight in Stainless Steel:  3 lbs/SF or 14.65 kg/m2
Thickness:  .160” or 4.1 mm
Max Width:  120” or 3.05 meters
Max Length:  100’ and 30.48 meters
Width Tolerance:  +/- .375” or +/- 10 mm
Length Tolerance: +/- .25” or +/- 6 mm

About Cambridge Architectural

Cambridge Architectural is a full-service provider of architectural metal mesh systems for both interior and exterior building applications. For more information, visit

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