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VMZINC®-US Announces Sales Department Reorganization

Damon Lusby 
Norbert Schneider

Raleigh, NC – VMZINC®-US, the international brand name of rolled zinc products, has announced various function changes and employment promotions as a result of an international merge of its sales department.

Norbert Schneider will change roles beginning Sept. 1. Schneider, currently serving as the General Manager Asia Pacific Americas, will leave the Raleigh, North Carolina office and move to Germany to assume his new position as Managing Director of Germany-Switzerland-Austria.

VMZINC sales departments UK-Ireland, USA, Canada and Oceania have joined as a common sales area as of July 1. Damon Lusby, market manager of UK-Ireland, will take the position of Sales Area General Manager and assume responsibility for UK/Ireland- and now North America-Oceania. As of this month, Dan Nicely, Managing Director of VMZINC-US, will report to Lusby.

Jon Lowy will assume the position as Operational Marketing Manager of UK-North America-Oceania.

“I tremendously enjoyed launching our business and our brand in what has become my home country. Now I look forward to applying my experiences in my country of origin,” says Schneider. “Our team and our business are in good hands. I wish my old team and all customers and partners good luck for the future.”


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