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New Rooftop Solar Installation Animations Released By EcoFasten Solar®

Morrisville, VT - EcoFasten Solar®, supplier of solar roof mounts and components for metal roofs and other roof types, has introduced two installation animations covering Simple Seal for corrugated metal roofing and ASG-U Clamps for metal standing seam roofs.

Simple Seal System For Corrugated Metal Roofing Applications

ecofasten-solar-simple-seal-animationSimple Seal is described as "A solution so simple, yet a concept so grand, that solar installers and roofing contractors alike turn to it time and time again when working on metal roofs." Simple Seal is a cone shaped EPDM rubber bushing that was designed specifically to fit into the milled counter-sink on the underside of EcoFasten Solar's bracket options. Currently 10 bracket options are compatible with the Simple Seal System.

When the system is fastened to the roof, a watertight compression seal is formed, which, like all of the products in EcoFasten Solar's line, will maintain the integrity of the roof without voiding roofing manufacturers' warranties.

To view the Simple Seal animation showing a standard L-foot installation, visit

To view Simple Seal product information, visit

ASG-U Clamps For Metal Standing Seam Applications

ecofasten-solar-asg-u-clamps-animationEcoFasten Solar's ASG-U Clamps have become a popular choice for solar installs on standing seam roofs because they are a cost-effective, yet rugged solution, and the installation of the clamps won’t pierce the roofing material, thanks to the use of oval-point set screws.>/p>

Benefits include:

• Fast and easy to install

• Durable fabrication

• Clamp measures 2″ L x 1.5″ W

• Set screws provide a secure attachment point without piercing roofing material

• Clamp-to-seam technology won’t void panel manufacturer’s warranties

To view the ASG-U Clamp animation, visit

To view ASG-U Clamp information, visit

About EcoFasten Solar®

EcoFasten-Solar-logoEcoFasten Solar® offers solar roof mounts and components. For more information, visit

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