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SAF Metal Fabrication Introduces Ready Clamp Brackets

SAF-Column-ClipsVilla Rica, GA – SAF Metal Fabrication has introduced a new factory fabricated Ready Clamp Column Cover Bracket accessory for their metal or ACM Column Covers.Ready Clamp Brackets enable quick installation of SAF column covers onto rectangular and round structural columns with large or small diameters.

A two-part column cover mounting bracket system, Ready Clamp arrives on site with a customer’s custom SAF column cover order. Once the installer fastens the Ready Clamp brackets onto a structural column and attaches the first column cover section, the installer can easily attach the mating column cover section with SAF’s Ready Clamp brackets that accommodates both reveal and butt joint column covers.

Ready Clamp completely eliminates the need for on-site framing, fabrication, and complicated mounting clips that are typically required to secure exterior or interior column covers.

“Customers came to us for a simple and faster solution for installation of column covers. With Ready Clamp we listened and developed a factory fabricated bracket system that ships with their SAF Column Cover order to precise specifications, and saves them time and hassle on the job site,” explains Kelly Torline, Senior Product Manager.

Ready Clamp Column Cover Brackets are part of the SAF ADAPT Panel & Column Cover Accessories product line that features innovative parts, accessories and add-ons that enhance product performance, and generally make life easier for SAF’s Panel and Column Cover customers.

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