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Garland’s New R-Mer® Force Flashless Edge Metal System Saves Time And Money

garland-r-mer-forceCleveland, OH - Garland’s new, flashless metal edge system eliminates the need for flashing plies that would ordinarily be installed at the roof’s edge, saving time during installation and costs on labor and material. According to Garland, R-Mer Force has completely re-engineered the way flashing is installed without compromising strength or longevity. With R-Mer Force, installing strong edge metal is faster, easier and more attractive than ever.

A roof’s perimeter is extremely vulnerable to wind damage and moisture intrusion, requiring special details and flashing procedures to protect the building. R-Mer Force is anchored to exterior walls with strong aluminum anchors, which means there are no penetrations on the roof surface. Fascia cover pieces easily snap onto installed anchors, completing the easy installation and blocking out the elements to protect the building.

Thermoplastic elastomer compression seals also contribute to the clean, attractive finish of R-Mer Force. Because the seals keep surface tension perfectly balanced, the unsightly oil canning effect that can plague other metal edge systems doesn’t affect the level edge surface of R-Mer Force. To complete the attractive finish, customized splice plates make the transition between edge pieces uniform for a flawless finished look. The system is available in a wide variety of colors to fit any aesthetic goals.

These new innovations don’t compromise on the strength and longevity expected from Garland’s metal systems. R-Mer Force meets building code ANSI/SPRI ES-1 requirements for structural integrity and wind resistance, ensuring security. The extruded aluminum anchor was designed and tested to withstand the most severe wind speeds, keeping the fascia tightly secured. The fascia is available in high-performance steel and aluminum options.

“R-Mer Force is a great addition to our line of metal products because it embodies our commitment to performance-driven solutions that offer unique benefits to customers for the long-term,” said Tom Diamond, P.E., Garland senior product manager “Any time we can combine strength and protection with ease-of-use, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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