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SAF Now Offering Insulated Rainscreen Panels

SAF-Series-4000iVilla Rica, GA – Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) has introduced 4000i Insulated RainScreen Panels as an addition to their ADAPT Panel and Column Cover Systems Accessories line. The 4000i is essentially an SAF 4000 Series RainScreen ACM, aluminum, or stainless steel building panel with insulation adhered by silicon sealant that meets use ‘G’ and ‘O’ of the ASTM C1184 standard. The type of insulation and R-value is customer specified. SAF recommends mold-and water-resistant insulations such as mineral wool or Polyisocynurate (Polyiso), available in a wide range of R-values. 

Architects and design-build contractors can reduce building energy consumption while improving performance with 4000i Insulated RainScreen building panels. Energy codes like ASHRA 90.1 have encouraged architects and building owners to specify insulated panels for both exterior and interior applications to reduce energy loss. The new 4000i Insulated Panels hep in noise abatement applications as well.

SAF RainScreens are drained and back ventilated panel systems that incorporate strips of composite or aluminum material in reveals between each panel (instead of caulk), resulting in a more uniform appearance. Custom 4000i Insulated RainScreen Panels include aluminum “track” extrusions for wall mounting.

The 4000i Insulated RainScreen Panels are designed to meet all the same building construction code specifications as other SAF 4000 RainScreen Panels. While Florida Building Code and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing has not been performed with the insulation, SAF says the addition of insulation does not materially change structural, air, or water handling properties of the panel system.

SAF project managers are available to help customers with questions about rainscreens and specifications, while their network of engineering firms can consult on local building code requirements, structural calculations and conduct job-specific performance testing, if required. 

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