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PPG Video Series Shows OEMs How To Repair Surface Defects On Finished Coatings

Introductory Video Highlights Time-, Money- And Labor-Saving Benefits Of Off-Line Spot Repair

ppg-spot-repair-videoPittsburgh, PA - PPG (NYSE: PPG) has produced four videos - including an introductory video and three training videos - demonstrating how original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers can repair surface defects on coated parts without re-running entire units through their production lines.

A brief video highlighting the time, economic and labor benefits of off-line defect repairs introduces the series. The first training video shows viewers how to repair minor defects, such as the removal of small particles of dirt from the paint surface. The second training video illustrates the removal of moderate scratches and other defects that require reapplication of the topcoat over an intact primer coat. The third training video demonstrates repair of severe defects, such as deep gouges, that require sanding and removal of paint and primer to the base metal substrate.

Each 2- to 4-minute demonstration begins with a list of tools, equipment and products needed for the repair, before guiding viewers through each stage of the process, from sanding and surface cleaning through paint application and final polishing.

Andrew Hammond, PPG segment manager, transportation, industrial coatings, said PPG produced the videos to help OEMs and their suppliers save time and money. "Fixing parts with minor scratches or dirt specks in the paint is a frustrating reality our customers face every day, no matter how effective their quality-assurance processes are," he said. "Our videos demonstrate use of the best tools and techniques for off-line spot repair and explain why it can be a fast and cost-effective alternative to recoating an entire part."

PPG offers a comprehensive array of electrocoat, pretreatment, and liquid and powder coatings products to manufacturers in numerous industries. In addition to providing a broad range of industrial coatings and a full spectrum of color choices, PPG backs its products with industry-leading technical expertise delivered through an international customer support network.

To learn more about PPG's defect-repair video series, contact PPG customer service at 1-888-774-2001 or visit

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