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White Paper On Lightning And Radiant Barriers Available

Olathe, KS - A white paper titled "Does the presence of a radiant barrier system (including an RBS with metallic materials) increase the risk of a lightning strike to a structure?" is now available for purchase through RIMA International.

According to a statement from RIMA International, "Over the years a question that arises from time to time is the use of radiant barrier systems (RBS), in particular those installed in/on structures above roof trusses or attached to roof sheathing, and whether there are increased risks associated with the use of such systems during lightning activity (such as during thunderstorms). It has been suggested that the use of such materials in roof structures does in fact attract lightning to the structures. In other words, that a structure with a RBS installed will be more likely to be struck by lightning than an identical structure without it."

The statement continues, "A recently-completed white paper on this subject has concluded that this hypothesis is not valid, and that the installation and/or presence of radiant barrier systems (RBS) in the manner described in the study does not affect the likelihood of lightning striking a structure."

The white paper detailing the research and findings on this issue is now available exclusively through RIMA International. Conducted by Engenamic Innopro of South Africa, this study is described as a conclusive and vital tool for anyone confronting the issue of attic RBS attracting lightning.

To obtain a copy of this research, contact RIMA-I at or call (800) 279-4123.

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