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Beckry®Tex Wrinkle Finishes Take Coatings To New Depths

beckers-beckrytex-2Elk Grove Village, IL - Beckers has introduced Beckry®Tex, a super durable polyester architectural coating system. The result of over 30 years of research and development conducted by the Beckers Group, Beckry®Tex offers a series of unique textured coatings with an ultra low-gloss finish that will enhance the aesthetic of any roofing project in the commercial, residential and industrial metal roofing markets.

The coating system can also serve as an exciting alternative for cladding and interior finishes.

beckers-beckrytex-1Beckry®Tex wrinkle coatings are unconventional in comparison to the standard flat finishes typically used in manufacturing metal roofs. The distinctive appearance provided by the textured coating system is designed to increase the appeal of a project, creating an eye-catching masterpiece that is sure to attract the attention of architects and property developers alike.

The formulation of Beckry®Tex offers a plethora of benefits. In addition to the unique appearance produced by the textured coatings, Beckry®Tex is comprised of a combination of inorganic pigments and a high durability polyester resin system that gives the coating an exceptional color and gloss retention.


Applied over a corrosion resistant primer, Beckry®Tex offers excellent film integrity, mitigating concerns of cracking, flaking or peeling of the coating system. Additionally, Beckry®Tex is easy to form while still maintaining a structure that is resistant to dirt pickup and cracking.

Beckry®Tex meets the requirements of AAMA 2604-10 and 2605-11 (color dependent), and is warrantied for 40 years adhesion/film integrity and 30 years for chalk and fade.


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