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MCA Finalizes Metal Roofing Championship Games Event Schedule

metal-roofing-championship-games-1Chicago, IL –The Metal Construction Association (MCA) Games Task Force has announced the final schedule for the Fourth Annual Metal Roofing National Championship Games to be held this year at METALCON, October 18-20, in Las Vegas.

Named "Aces of Las Vegas" in recognition of the locale of this year's event, five challenges will be held on each of the first two days of the event. Each day, five pre-registered teams with two contestants each will compete for cash awards. On Friday, the third day, the two teams from Wednesday and Thursday with the most collective points will compete for the Grand Cash Award and title of "MCA METALCON 2017 National Metal Roofing Champion." Cash award amounts are yet to be determined, but $6,000 was awarded in 2016.

The Aces of Las Vegas competitions and starting times for each day are as follows:

1:00 PM - The MBCI & Pac-Clad "Retrofit Panel Installation Challenge" - contestants will install the "base" R-panel roofing onto the Games steel-framed mock-ups that are 8-foot x 9-foot.

2:00 PM - The Triangle Fastener Corporation's "Screw Gun Challenge" - contestants will install a series of self-drilling fasteners into a structural zee-shaped purlin member. Fastest time and properly seated fasteners will determine the winning team.

3:00 PM - The Roof Hugger, Inc. "Hug A Roof Challenge" - contestants will install 40 lineal feet of factory-notched zee-shaped sub-purlins on a mock-up existing ribbed metal roof paneled frame. Fastest time, properly seated fasteners and sub-purlin alignment will determine the winning team.

4:00 PM - The New Tech Machinery & Drexel Metal's "Standing Seam Challenge" - contestants will install 6 each 16-inch wide metal roof panels over the factory-notched sub-purlins. Fastest time and properly seated panel seams will determine the winning team.

5:00 PM - The S-5! "Let it Snow Challenge" - contestants will install S-5! ColorGard® snow retention onto the 16-inch metal roof panels. Fastest time, properly seated/torqued fasteners and ColorGard® alignment will determine the winning team.

Primary Material & Equipment Sponsors this year are: Drexel Metals; LSI Group, Inc. - Roof Hugger, LLC; MBCI; S-5!; New Tech Machinery; Triangle Fastener Corporation and Petersen Pac-Clad.

Cash Award Sponsors are: Accurate Perforating, AKZONobel, ATAS International, Atlas Bolt & Screw, The Bradbury Co., Inc., Building Products Development, CIDAN Machinery,, Drexel Metals, Excel Stamping, GSSI Sealants, Inc., Logan Stampings, McElroy Metal, Modern Trade Communications, Petersen Pac-Clad, Sheffield Metals, SFS intec, Inc., VMZinc, and Valspar.

Some additional details about the event include: each challenge will last from 15 to 30 minutes; judging will be provided by the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA); cash awards are provided by generous MCA member/METALCON Exhibitor companies and each competition award and National Championship amounts will be announced later. Also, each contestant will be required to sign a liability waiver and disclaimer prior to each daily competition. Each team will be provided required power and hand tools, gloves and safety glasses and contestants will be required to wear rubber sole non-slip shoes. Only one company's team of two contestants can compete each day Wednesday and Thursday. This means two separate teams can compete on separate days, one team each day.

Registration deadline is September 30, 2017. Registration forms are available online here.

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