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New Chrome-Free Primer Reflects AkzoNobel's Commitment To Sustainable Innovation

akzonobel-coiltec-cf65Columbus, OH - Renowned for delivering sustainable innovation to the building products market, AkzoNobel introduces COILTEC™ CF65, a primer formulation that provides effective corrosion protection without the use of chromium.

COILTEC CF65 employs the same resin chemistry used in current (chrome-containing) primers, but incorporates the latest generation of anti-corrosive pigments. AkzoNobel combines field-proven proprietary resin chemistry with advanced pigment technology, to deliver an extremely durable but completely chrome-free primer.

Some notable features of the new product include:

• Specially formulated for building products applications, such as metal roofing and siding

• Formulated to perform on Galvalume® and Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) with standard pretreatments

• No change to the color or appearance of the top coat

• Compatible with current chromated primers for easy conversion on the coating line

• Applies like current chromated primers, with no change to line speeds, film thickness, PMT, viscosity or volume solids

The performance of COILTEC CF65 is backed by nearly 20 years of test data which reveals corrosion resistance and flexibility that is comparable to the chromated primers in use today. The data encompasses accelerated test methods as well as natural exposure in various environments, including the strenuous conditions of South Florida and high corrosion coastal areas.

“Since the early 1970’s AkzoNobel has continuously advanced primer technology to meet the market need for greater durability and flexibility. Today we are delighted to offer a primer that is state-of-the-art technology but also is sustainable and eco-friendly,” said Victoria Kale, marketing manager for AkzoNobel’s North America Metal Coatings business.

AkzoNobel also offers chrome-free primer solutions for the architectural extrusion and domestic appliance markets. All products are commercially available.

For more information about chrome-free primers and other sustainable innovations at AkzoNobel, visit www.akzonobel/ccna.

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