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AkzoNobel Invests In Enhanced Color Capabilities At Columbus, OH Site

akzonobel-aduColumbus, OH - AkzoNobel, a leading manufacturer of coil coatings for the metal construction industry, announces the completion of a new, dedicated color mixing cell for its TRINAR® coatings at the Columbus, OH production facility. Designed to provide the highest level of quality and service to coil coating customers, the cell is equipped with a new state-of-the-art Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU) and incorporates the most advanced quality inspection techniques. These enhanced capabilities will enable high color precision and faster paint production.

“AkzoNobel invested nearly $2.0 million in this project to increase capacity and enable greater flexibility in meeting customer demands,” said Julian Cass, business director for AkzoNobel’s North America Metal Coatings business. “The new cell reflects our deep commitment to the metal construction industry and to delivering the highest level of service, quality and satisfaction to our customers.”

Victoria Kale, marketing manager for North America Metal Coatings added, “Our coil coating customers continually seek ways to differentiate themselves in the market, and they often use color to accomplish this. This investment enables us to more rapidly produce a wide range of color options with the greatest color accuracy.”

The inauguration of the new cell coincides with the 30th anniversary of AkzoNobel’s TRINAR coating. The first batch of TRINAR was produced in Columbus in 1987. Since its introduction, TRINAR has continued to provide essential protection, finish and color to buildings across North America.

TRINAR is a high-performance fluoropolymer top coat containing a minimum of 70 percent polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. The unique resin combines with other proprietary resins and high-quality ceramic and select inorganic pigments to create a tough, durable and weather-resistant finish. Although tough, the TRINAR finish is also flexible, enabling architectural expression, making it an ideal choice for metal roofing, ACM panels, wall panels, siding, canopies and facia. TRINAR is frequently specified for use in architectural, commercial, institutional or high-end residential and agricultural installations.

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