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Palram's New Lap Clip Makes DynaGlas® Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel Installation Easier

palram-dynaglas-lap-clip-2Lehigh Valley, PA - Palram's new Lap Clip for DynaGlas® Corrugated Polycarbonate saves significant time during installation while ensuring a tight seal between vertical panel laps, preventing air and insect infiltration, and increasing protection against damage due to high winds.

Until now, installers have used pop-rivets or self-grip lap fasteners, which require multiple steps for installation, are time-consuming to install and can add localized stress to the panel at the lap-stitch point.

palram-dynaglas-lap-clip-1Palram’s new Lap Clips simply clip onto one outer corrugation of the panels approximately 16” apart between purlins. Lap clips can be affixed to the panels while on the ground before installation, or while on the structure during installation.

Palram also offers a new heavy-duty Side Lap Profile system for installations in regions with extreme wind or snow loads, or for research facilities where insect passage through laps cannot be allowed.

Learn more at, ask an authorized DynaGlas Dealer, or contact Green-Tek, Palram's Master Distributor for DynaGlas, at 800-747-6440.

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