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Beckry®Tex Glimmer By Beckers Elevates Textured Coatings


Elk Grove Village, IL - Beckers' Beckry®Tex line is well known in the industry for its unique textured surfaces, eye-catching aesthetics and durability. In response to customer requests for a wider color palette to expand this exceptional product line into the siding market, Beckry®Tex Glimmer has been introduced.

beckrytex-glimmer-1Glimmer provides the same exceptional durability as the standard BeckryTex while offering improved scratch and abrasion resistance, as well as a wide range of colors.

The distinctive wrinkle structure of this product produces an attention-grabbing “glimmer” effect as the sun hits the panel. This glimmering effect does not compromise the low gloss or the textured properties of the coating, but adds a distinguishing characteristic that can elevate the appearance of any building project.

Photo credit: Beckers

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