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Cold-Formed Steel Market Data Report And Analysis Available

sfia-market-data-reportFalls Church, VA - The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) and market analyst Thompson Research Group (TRG) have released a new report providing a quarterly, industry-wide statistical summary of the volume of steel used by cold-formed steel manufacturers in the production of structural studs and nonstructural studs. The data in the reports is drawn from a survey of manufacturers representing a minimum of 85% of tons of cold-formed steel manufactured for construction markets.

The SFIA Quarterly Market Data Report tracks movements in the volumes of steel used in the United States to manufacture major types of CFS products, in order to providing buyers and users of CFS framing insights into the market for non-residential construction.

“Market data collected from the cold-formed steel stud industry can serve as an excellent indicator of non-residential construction demand,” said Larry Williams, Executive Director of the Steel Framing Industry Association. “The SFIA Quarterly Market Data Report is the only report on CFS framing—and the only report that can provide buyers and users of CFS framing with statistics of this quality to gauge the current status of the market.”

The report provides a quarterly, industry-wide statistical summary of the volume of steel used by CFS manufacturers in the production of two major categories of materials—structural studs, which are generally installed early in the process as the building shell is being built and nonstructural studs, which are typically used to frame interior walls and similar systems closer to the end of construction.

“The combination of these two sets of data provides readers with the ability to not only understand the up-and-down trends in market volumes, but also provides a unique view of which phase of the market cycle that we’re in,” said Williams.

Thompson Research Group collects, aggregates and analyzes the data used for the report, which includes statistics on the volume of steel (in raw tons before processing) used to produce studs, track, joists, angle, furring channel, hat channel, flat steel, Z furring, clips, purlins, girts, resilient channel, cold-rolled channel, cold-formed truss components, special cold-formed shapes, as well as all resulting scrap (metal lath is not reported).

“The data in this report is drawn from a quarterly survey of companies who produce a minimum of 85 percent of the CFS products manufactured in the United States,” said Kathryn Thompson, CEO of the Thompson Research Group. That 85 percent represents a significantly higher percentage of market reporting than is typically found in similar industry surveys - and increases the statistical value of this particular product.”

The reports are available in two formats, including data only, data with analysis and Thompson Research Group Leading Indicator, and historical data for 2011 through 2016.

“SFIA believes this report will prove invaluable to buyers and users of CFS materials,” Williams said. “This market data will enhance their ability to anticipate shifts in the market, increase the accuracy of construction schedules, manage inventory, and fine-tune staffing requirements.”

About The Steel Framing Industry Association

SFIA_logoThe Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) represents steel mills, coil coaters, processors, roll-formers, fabricators, engineers, material distributors and framing contractors. SFIA promotes cold-formed steel framing, advocates pro-industry codes and standards, conducts seminars and supports competitiveness through innovation. SFIA also provides statistical and trend data regarding steel usage and nonresidential construction. For more information, visit

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