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eBook Focuses On Minimizing Construction Impacts From Fire, Cold Weather, Hurricanes And Flooding With Cold-Formed Steel Framing

buildsteel-disaster-preparedness-ebookWashington, DC - BuildSteel, a partnership of steel and construction industry organizations, announces the release of “Strength in the Face of Disaster: How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Keeps Buildings Safe,” a free e-book exploring the durability and resiliency of cold-formed steel (CFS) framing when confronted with fire, cold weather, hurricanes and flooding. Building professionals will also learn how the use of CFS framing can lower insurance rates and reduce construction delays.

 “While building professionals can’t predict catastrophic events, they can choose building materials that can help projects stand up to challenges during construction and the life of a building,” said Dan Snyder, director of BuildSteel. “The durability and resilience of CFS framing makes it an ideal material to stand up to cold-weather, high winds, flooding and fire. Learning to construct durable and resilient CFS-framed buildings offers lasting value and peace of mind to building owners and residents.”

This eBook explores the durability and resiliency of CFS, including:

• Steel’s impact on fire risk and insurance costs

• Five reasons cold-formed steel is ideal for winter construction projects

• Resiliency of steel in the wake of hurricanes and flooding

“Strength in the Face of Disaster: How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Keeps Buildings Safe” can be downloaded at

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buildsteel-logoBuildSteel is a cold-formed steel framing resource center for building professionals, providing resources, education, and complimentary project assistance related to the use of cold-formed steel framing in low and mid-rise and multi-family construction projects. For more information, visit

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