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Hunter Douglas Introduces New Ceiling Beam Series


Norcross, GA – Hunter Douglas Architectural, a leading manufacturer of architectural ceiling and wall systems, has expanded its line of ceiling and wall solutions with High Profile Series™ Frameworks. High Profile Series™ Frameworks are customizable and configurable aluminum beams fabricated to meet project-specific design and engineering needs.

Using standard patented extrusions and client-specific shapes, High Profile Series™ Frameworks aluminum beams can be customized to create one-off ceiling and wall designs. Precision-cut curved and straight elements can be assembled into infinite elements, including peaks, valleys, screens, and rafters. Designers have used Frameworks in bays of wood-look beams, angled at the ceiling and descending as a screen wall, as well as in single rafters with variable peaks to create openness and movement within a space.

Hunter Douglas works in concert with architects, designers, and contractors to turn design intent to reality, regardless of project scope or scale. Underscoring this approach, the company has built a team of in-house design support and engineers to help meet design intent, optimize material costs, and make installation of the system efficient.

“Architects and designers often come to us desiring to create spaces that stand out and tell a unique story. These creations can be challenging to design, engineer, fabricate and install, yet that’s what distinguishes these functional and aesthetic spaces,” said Ron Rice, General Manager of Ceilings at Hunter Douglas Architectural. “The robust materials of High Profile Series™ Frameworks, combined with our expert engineering, fabrication, finish options, and in-depth installation collaboration, allow us to confidently engage with thought-provoking projects and create distinctive solutions.”

Made from up to 50 percent recycled materials, Hunter Douglas offers seamless baffles up to 20 feet in length in a variety of finishes and colors, including wood-look and wood-veneer options. Support options include traditional threaded rods, Unistrut® supports, and low-visibility aircraft cables to provide for vertical, angled, and horizontal applications. A patented locking mechanism ensures precise beam placement with minimal effort.

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