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ProfileVent® Offered Via Custom Ridge Vent Inventory Program

Glenside, PA - Ventco® announces its new inventory program for ProfileVent® ridge vent products that are used with metal roofs. All popular profiles are ready to ship on the day of order, regardless of order size. Same-day turnaround on orders is available for most popular profiles, and most products can be delivered in four days or less.

Ventco has maintained superior quality and proven performance for over 30 years with no callbacks. The company’s computerized equipment creates custom profiles at reasonable cost. All profiles are Class A Fire Rated, fit roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, won’t crack, freeze, shrink or form mold and mildew on metal panels. ProfileVent is also available in convenient 3' sticks.

About Ventco

profilevent-logoBuilt on proven technology since 1986, Ventco produces ProfileVent®, a revolutionary ventilation system for commercial and residential metal roofs. Specially designed equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. Working at optimum performance within varied roof pitches ranging from 2:12 to 20:12, ProfileVent is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile. ProfileVent’s compatibility with a steep roof pitch makes it uniquely suitable for these applications, while maintaining the ridge line appearance without the need to raise the ridge cap to accommodate the vent. For more information, visit or call toll free 833-300-9515.

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