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Sunflare Introduces Versatile Rooftop Solar Solution

Shown above is a Sunflare system installed on a carport in Las Vegas. Carports are one of the target markets for the products. Because Sunflare systems are so lightweight, they can typically be installed without additional bracing or reinforcement of the structure. 

La Verne, CA – Philip Gao, CEO of Sunflare, is passionate about solar. He dreams of making solar power “more efficient, more conducive and inviting to business, and, more importantly, more affordable for people around the world.” With the latest iteration of Sunflare flexible solar panels, he’s taken a big step forward in turning his vision into reality.

Sunflare is a light, thin, rugged solar panel that can be installed on an ever-expanding number of roof types, and because Sunflare modules are lighter than silicon, they can often go where traditional crystalline panels can’t. There’s no need for structural reinforcing to accommodate significant added weight and no racks to add. Sunflare systems can be installed with little disruption to building occupants and activities.

Unlike traditional solar panels that are covered in glass, Sunflare modules feature Sun2 cells encapsulated between durable polymer sheets. The flexible nature of the material enables the panels to flex and bend, allowing them to survive the types of mishaps that can often render crystalline panels damaged or destroyed. Even when the roof is compromised the energy system will often remain functional.

Sunflare modules have bypass diodes at every cell. When trees or other structures shade areas of the installed array, only the cell that is shaded becomes inactive. The remainder of the panel continues to generate power.

Installation is fast and easy. With Sunflare’s mechanical attachments, modules can be added on any structure with no time wasted with racking or cumbersome staging. Installation is quick, and secure. Sunflare modules do not require chemical adhesion. That means Sunflare works on any profile of metal or any other material.

Wire management is seamless with Sunflare’s proprietary composite raceway. The raceways are low profile to eliminate shading and still give enough room to house optimizers.

Sunflare’s modules are UL and IEC certified and have Class A fire-rating. They carry a 25-year warranty for linear production and 25-year workmanship warranty.

About Sunflare

Sunflare-logoSunflare produces a thin-film rooftop photovoltaic product that is lightweight, flexible and frameless, secured to roof surfaces using high-strength, double-sided mastic. To learn more, visit

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