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Two New Videos Released By Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Cleveland, OH - The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released two new videos which are now available on its YouTube channel. “AC472: Why Accreditation Matters” is four and one-half minutes long and explores the benefits of IAS accreditation for metal building manufacturers. “Get More with Metal: Recreation & Fitness Buildings” is just over four minutes long and illustrates the many different recreation and athletic facilities that metal buildings house.

mbma-video-ac472“AC472: Why Accreditation Matters” introduces the viewer to metal building systems before delving into the benefits of accreditation for both builders and buyers. The AC472 process is administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) and is specifically designed for manufacturers of metal building systems. It mandates a detailed quality-control system for the manufacturer and provides a standard documentation and quality control process for all metal buildings produced.

“Every MBMA building system member is AC472 accredited,” noted Tony Bouquot, MBMA General Manager. “Accreditation means that every building produced by MBMA members goes through the same rigorous process, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards in the industry.”

mbma-video-recreation-fitnessThe second new video, “Get More with Metal: Recreation & Fitness Buildings,” showcases metal buildings that are being used for a variety of recreational uses. These include high school and college gymnasiums and indoor practice facilities, fitness centers, aquatic buildings and sport-specific uses such as an indoor sky-diving center.

“Metal buildings are an ideal choice when looking at recreational buildings,” added Bouquot. “They can cover large areas, are cost-effective and, as you can see in the video, they are great looking as well.”

About The Metal Building Manufacturers Association

mbma-logoFounded in 1956, MBMA serves manufacturers and suppliers as it works to promote the metal building systems industry. Its membership supplies high-quality buildings for use in commercial, retail, office, industrial, institutional and other end-uses. The association provides a wealth of information on its website for anyone who works with or is interested in metal building systems. It includes technical materials and design guides. For more information, visit

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