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PanelClad Introduces Time-Saving Material Handling System For Metal Roofing Contractors

PanelClad-MTXWoodlake, CA - PanelClad, developer of the Panelizer™ System for quicker sheeting of metal buildings, has announced the launch of a new product which tackles material handling and speeds installation of metal roofing systems on all types of projects. Dubbed the “MTX System by PanelClad”, the new product line was developed as a scalable solution to eliminate the non-value-added task of hand carrying material on metal roofing projects.

“Our concept of design was to create the most simplistic, easy-to-use system that works with all shapes or sizes of roofs, and doesn’t add significant labor to detract from its sole purpose, which is reducing work by keeping material on the leading edge,” said Jared Bradford, PanelClad co-founder.

As Bradford explains, labor is a major factor in the cost of a metal roofing project. The more accessible the materials, the more efficient the installation will be, which translates to both time and money saved.

“Accessibility is no longer a concern for large roofing projects,” he added. “Wherever you have access for loading the roof, our equipment takes over to transfer the material to the installed position, keeping your workforce on the leading edge and eliminating the wasted labor of carrying materials by hand.”

The system is designed with an interlocking modular rail system that allows the incoming material to be loaded and staged for use, then transferred up- or down-slope to its corresponding lane with the transfer, and then advanced continuously to the leading edge.

“Our process of being able to roll material in a longitudinal or transverse direction eliminates the need for long-reach cranes, roof access openings, or pre-loading bundles on roof secondaries. No matter the width of your roof-slope, we can transfer your material where it’s needed for installation,” Bradford asserts.

“Another added benefit for the erector is that the carts were specifically designed to be used with a push handle so you do not have to hunch over while moving materials,” he notes. “It also doubles as a leverage bar for lifting bundles, meaning you’ll never be slowed down when loading the roof. Just place the material on the modular rails and once a bundle is needed, the installer can easily slide the carts under the material and prep for transport.”

The product is designed to be scalable for erectors large and small and can be of benefit on any new or retrofit roofing project.

Bradford encourages interested contractors to visit to see video of both the MTX and Panelizer™ systems in action. 

About PanelClad

PanelClad-logoPanelClad is the developer and marketer of The Panelizer™ panelized erection system and MTX™ material handling system, time-saving products developed to simplify and substantially speed the installation of metal roof and wall claddings on metal building systems. The Panelizer™ suite of products includes the PurlinGuide and GirtJack alignment tools, PanelTrack roof panel layout and feeder apparatus, and PanelLift hoisting assembly which enables whole sections of wall or roof panels to be aligned on the ground and then lifted into place as a unitized assembly. The MTX™ system is an easy-to-assemble dolly and track system that facilitates the movement of metal roof panel bundles to the working edge, reducing labor and speeding panel installation.

PanelClad Inc. is also now offering services as a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance building structures and envelopes. The company designs, fabricates and erects its structures to its clients' exacting specifications. From the design phase through the final inspection, PanelClad guarantees a smooth process with a high industry standard for workmanship and professionalism. To learn more about the company and its products, visit

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