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Manus Products Expands Flex-Weld® Product Line

Flex-WeldWaconia, MN - Manus Products has expanded its Flex-Weld® product line.  Following over 10 years of success with Flex-Weld® 5, 15, 15 Non-Sag, and 25, Manus has added Flex-Weld® 90.  With Flex-Weld® 90, users have an increased work time. 

Flex-Weld® is an all-purpose, hybrid-epoxy that provides excellent tensile, peel, and shear strength while being light-stable and highly UV resistant. Flex-Weld® exhibits superior adhesion and flexibility to a wide variety of substrates including: ceramics, concrete, wood, composites, FRP, and most metals, without the use of a primer. At a 1:1 volume mix ratio, Flex-Weld® is formulated to be user-friendly and forgiving. Flex-Weld®, according to the company, outperforms most brittle 2-component systems by retaining high peel strength and flexibility through a wide temperature range.

Since 1959, Manus has been developing, formulating, and manufacturing custom and innovative solutions for the adhesive, sealant, caulking, tape, and coating needs of the truck/trailer, transportation, construction, and OEM industries.  Manus, an ISO 9001 certified company, launched the first hybrid polymer product (Manus-Bond® 75-AM) in the US over 20 years ago.  Manus is a leader in research and development of adhesives and sealants based on hybrid polymer technologies.  In addition to Manus-Bond® 75-AM, Manus manufactures various self-leveling and other hybrid products, a wide range of butyl products (including tapes and gun-grade), and neoprene products.

About Manus Products

Manus-Products-logoManus Products is a developer, formulator and manufacturer of custom adhesives, sealants, caulking, tapes and coatings for construction and other industries. To learn more, visit

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